Ethyl Maltol



  Ethyl Maltol is a safe,nontoxic food additive,widely used as flavour-enhancer in beverages,tobaccos,bacons,seafood,daily cosmetics etc.it also increases sweetness of food and extends period of validity.

  Product Feature:

  CAS NO.:4940-11-8

  Mecting Point:89-93℃

  Molecuar Weight:140.14

  Molecular Formula:C7H803

  Molecular Structure

  Product Package:

  Composite can:110mm*140mm,Net weight:0.5kg

  All above package are sealed by double PE/PP bags.

  Product Application:

  Ethyl maltol is white crystalline powder or acicular crystal.As a kind of flavor modifier and flavor enhancer,it has the sweet flavor of roasted malt and caramel,and has the aroma of jam and the aroma similar to strawberry.With lasting aroma,it’s recognized as a kind of safe and reliable food additive with small dosage and significant effect.In addition,it is a good fragrance synergist for tobacco,food,beverage,essence,fruit wine,daily cosmetics,etc.It has significant effect on improving and enhancing the flavor of food,plays a role in sweetening the sweet food,and can prolong the storage period of food.